Administration and Management

•Established and Achieved GIPC Goals & Objectives.

•Identified and Established a Relationship with Key Community & Business Stakeholders (MSRC, Cox, Fieldwood, A-Port, DBS).

•Identified and Established a Relationship with Political and Regulatory Personnel ( Federal, State, Parish, FEMA, USACE, LADWF etc).

•Obtained $175K LA Sea Grant Funding for Oyster Farms.

•Completed Repairs of Private Navigational Aids/Markings

•Obtained $1.7M FEMA Hurricane IDA Public Assistance Grant.

•Completed Port Facility Roads, Oak Lane Culvert and Security Camera Projects.

•Obtained $4.3M FEMA/State/Parish Funding for Pier & Bulkhead. 

Economics and Accounting

•Established and met FY 21/22/23 GIPC Operating Budgets despite 60% Loss of Revenues (Property Taxes)

•Conducted a GIPC Financial Impact Study and Communicated to respective Political Representatives towards obtaining Federal Dredging Expenditures ($20 Million – Highest Historical Amount)

•Obtained a Jefferson Parish Resolution for Dredging of Bayou Rigaud.

•Established an Approved Plan to Increase Oyster Lease Revenues.

•Achieved No Significant Findings on Financial Audits and Legal Compliance with State Auditing Requirements.

Strategy and Vision

•Established a Strategy for an Extended Designation of Bayou Rigaud as a Federal Navigation Channel including a Justification/Benefits and Gave a Public Testimony to USACE Representatives. 

•Established a Strategy and Coordinated a Meeting/Discussion with Key Stakeholders of Grand Isle and Perspective New Business Company Representatives for A-Port (New Fortress Energy & Grand Isle LNG).

•Continued the Management, Operation and Oversight of the GIPC through Two (2) Major Hurricanes (Zeta & Ida) via Relocation to LDWF Complex.

•Established an Approved Strategy via LDWF to Expand Oyster Farm 2.

•Established an Approved Plan to Construct an Oyster Processing Facility.

Critical Operations

•Established a First Time 100% Achievement of Commercial Dock Lease Payments and Signed Leases..

•Reorganized Commercial Dock Lease Agreements in Alignment with GIPC Requirements.

•Agreed and Accepted a Donation of Equipment (Helix Screw Anchors) from a Public Entity (Entergy) to Improve the Operating Conditions of the Oyster Farms.

•Achieved the successful Dredging of the Barataria Bar Channel and Bayou Rigaud with Coordination of the USACE.


•Enhanced the GIPC Informational Brochure and Distributed Within the Community.

•Enhanced the GIPC Website to include Current Membership,  Announcements and Meeting Notices/Minutes.

•Established a GIPC Key Activities Weekly Report to Port Commissioners and Staff.

•Established a GIPC Informational Presentation to Communicate in Public Forums and Meetings.

•Established a Staying Connected with the GIPC Media Page.

Social Perceptiveness

•Executive Director Elected as Secretary of the Ports Association of Louisiana and Participated in Monthly Meetings representing the GIPC.

•Participated in Bi-Monthly Grand Isle Levee Board Public Forums and Presented a GIPC Key Activities Report with Talking Points.

•Participated in Bi-Monthly Grand Isle Town Council Public Forums and Presented a GIPC Key Activities Report with Talking Points.

•Participated in Monthly GIPC Public Forum Meetings and Presented Commercial Dock / Executive Director Summary Reports.

•Participated in Local TV Interviews /Segments Representing GIPC (WWL/NBC/Fox/HTV).

Future (near term)

•Complete Pier & Bulkhead Repair Project.

•Complete IDA FEMA Projects.

•Obtain Additional Funding for Commercial Dock West Slip and Shrimp Dock Repairs.

•Complete Construction of Oyster Processing Facility at Commercial Dock.

•Complete Expansion of Oyster Farm 2.

•Develop GIPC Policies and Procedures.